IMPORTANT! 4-hour Ecofleet service maintenance on June 28th

Ecofleet maintenance will be performing one slightly more extended database maintenance task, starting in the evening of Wednesday at 22:00 EEST (=21:00 CEST) and likely lasting for four (4) hours.

Some remarks for clarification:

 * No-one will be able to log in and use any part of the whole system. 

 * After system has been restored, there is likely going to be a slight delay in calculating trips and reports, some reports from earlier periods will not be available for some more time. 

 * This will also affect the flow of device data processing, events and HU-GO, which will likely require approximately one more extra hour to get back to regular state.

 * We will display a relevant note to all users who are trying to log in, not just an error page.


Please notify anyone you consider necessary in advance.

Jüri Tarkpea, CTO