2016-06-30 Ecofleet release note

Ecofleet Mobile 1.5.6 release note

What's New:

Added standalone customer module. Affects all users with access to "mobile: Customers" module

  • Search by name and profile data
  • View profile
  • Create task
  • Display location on map

Added bulk photo upload:

* Pick up to 20 photos
* Upload in background

  • Added tap-to-call support for email/phone field types in customer profile
  • Added photos to configurable task view
  • Changed task edit view layout
  • Changed login screen layout

Offline functionality for mobile tasks:

    Certain operations can now be performed without persistent data connection:

* Task and Form data can be saved locally  
* Attached files and photos can be stored locally
* Task status can be updated  

Visual cues in tasks grid:

* blue stripe: data has not been saved to server yet
* black stripe: task was updated server-ide, has not been viewed on current device

  • Data collected off-line will be transferred to the server as soon as reliable communication has been restored.
  • Data will be cached until app is closed or user log out.
  • Users still need to be online for app launch/login.
  • Disabled reopening of finished or failed tasks
  • Switched to faster location fix for task status updates

Bug Fixes

  • Improved navigation and back button handling
  • Fixed issues with logout
  • Fixed errors when searching customers
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