2016-09-29 Ecofleet release note

What's New:

  • Added possibility to select time in Booking -> Usage analysis -> Locations, it used to be date only.

  • It is possible to add codes to departments in Settings -> Categories -> Departments. This feature was developed for one customer and has no other use in the system at the moment but will be used in reports etc in near future.

  • It is now possible to add a controller to every user. Again, this was built for one customer who needs a more complex approval flow. We're working on adding more functionality to this.

  • Organzations grid load speed has been significantly improved. Initial load is up to 8 times faster!
  • Translation updates for PL, LV, DK
  • Minor new developments for G4S LV, LT Police
  • In Configurable Trips & Journal report the columns for start and end addresses always show address regardless if the areas are set or not.
  • Cancellation of bookings now remove them also from Outlook.
  • Additional field in Trips & Journal report - Booker, person who booked the vehicle
  • Launched automatic toll stations detection in Norway. For a while this will be tested by our customers in Norway.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where some users didn't receive autoreports
  • Fixed the issue where users could not reset their password
  • Fixed the bug where shipments and transports were not copied between workspaces in Transport module
  • Fixed the problem with Customers module not working when Map Display Rule was set
  • Fixed the issue with booking extensions cancelling wrong booking(s)
  • Fixed the issue where SIM number sometimes didn't save in admin / install
  • Bug fixes in Travel Orders
  • Fixed the issue with downloading Tacho files
  • Fixed the issue where some roles didn't save properly
  • Bug fixed where Event rules view showed wrong data
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