2016-11-30 Ecofleet release note

What's New:


  • Recurring Tasks - the long anticipated new feature in Tasks. It is now possible to create your repititive tasks, whether they're daily, weekly, monthly or even annual. They will appear in tasks view as the regular tasks and if you want to change one of them you will have a choice to edit only the selected task or all tasks ahead (from the same recurring task).
  • Added an extra column to day report and period report displaying working duration in hh only i.e. 43h and 45 min is displayed 43,75h
  • Improvements in Journal report LV
  • Duration formatting in configurable reports is now hours only even if time exceeds 24h
  • Improvements in Mobile installation wizard
  • Added new keywords to the "email/sms with template" event actions for device serial, default driver's name, phone, e-mail and organization name.
  • When booking is confirmed then a message is displayed to the user "Booking confirmed successfully"

Bug Fixes

  • General bug fixes and improvements
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